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Woman of the Week: Jess Testar, UK

Jul 10, 2018

Our woman of the week shows that you don’t necessarily need a wealth of experience when you have enthusiasm, ambition and talent on your side.
Jess Testar isn’t the type of lady to let the grass grow under her feet. Doing her A-levels, she realised that an academic route wasn’t for her, and signed up to be an Avon Representative on her 18th birthday.
Following in the footsteps of her Mum Rebekah, also an Avon Rep, Jess’ abilities soon shone through, and she was named Avon’s Number One Recruiter in the UK for September-December 2017.
She also uses her age to her advantage, creating a vibrant social media presence to make Avon part of a younger generation’s online conversations.
She loves the independence and flexibility that being a beauty entrepreneur offers - as she says, “If you want you can give yourself a pay-rise every 3 weeks”.
Jess’ favourite Avon product is the Mark. Big & Extreme Mascara, and her top beauty tip, “Never be afraid to express yourself and try new things in beauty! Be creative and embrace yourself”.

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