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Woman of the Week: Marilda Farias – Marajó Island, Brazil

Jul 6, 2018

Avon Representatives often go above and beyond in their daily work. But not many can claim to take a canoe to reach their customers.
Marilda’s story is one of triumph over adversity; of determination to overcome the odds whatever the obstacles. Born in a small village on the island of Marajó in Northern Brazil - a place so isolated it had its own currency, the Pracauuba - she grew up without even access to electricity.

At age 24, she joined Avon and became a beauty entrepreneur, and her hard work paid off when she was accepted into the Avon Sales Leaders Programme.

Piloting her ‘rabeta’ (a small motorised canoe), she travels from island to island, recruiting and developing new Representatives. In just two years she has brought 100 women into the Avon family, empowering them to transform their lives and their communities.
Her story shows that when individual entrepreneurial talent meets a company with a purpose like Avon, we can together break down the barriers to success for women worldwide.



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