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Avon scientists prove rotational skincare regime beats retinol alone

Feb 21, 2018

A team of scientists from the Avon Innovation Centre in Suffern presented the results of an exciting new study about rotational skincare at the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) conference on 16 February. 

The new clinical study proves that Avon’s world first rotational skincare product, ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects, delivers results greater than using retinol – the famous anti-ageing ingredient - alone.

Avon was the first company to stabilize retionol (vitamin A) and vitamin concentrate in anti-ageing treatments and this concept, of rotating it with a second formula to overcome to ‘plateau effect’ of skincare results slowing down over time, is a breakthrough that challenges some long held beliefs about the efficacy of skincare treatments. 

Lisa DiNatale, Senior Manager, Clinical Efficacy & Sensory Evaluation accompanied by scientist Dr Jola Idkowik-Baldys presented the results of the year-long clinical study at the AAD conference to dermatologists from around the world.  The results they shared showed that using ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects by rotating the Super Retinol and the Phyto+ Complexes gives greater improvement in facial wrinkles than using retional daily over a 24 week period.  Not only that, but its anti-ageing benefits continue to increase across the whole year of the study.

Dr John Lyga, Avon’s Director of BioEfficacy and New Technology explained: “The Avon team have been working to overcome the tendency of ingredients like retinol to plateau over time for many years now.  These important findings show that rotating skincare seems to reset the skin’s memory which allows the benefits to continue to develop.  This is the kind of research that keeps Avon at the forefront of anti-ageing advances and makes us as scientists, proud to share our work.”

Photo: Members of the Avon team at the AAD conference.

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