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The beauty of smart packaging

Avon uses innovative technology to support consumer trials of ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects

Jan 16, 2018


Avon harnessed the power of smart packaging to uncover the truth about how consumers were actually using new ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream during trials in their own homes.

The groundbreaking new skincare product combines two different night creams that need to be rotated every seven days to prevent the user’s skin adapting to the skincare regime. Key to optimising the anti-ageing benefits was that users needed to remember to rotate the double-ended dispenser each week.  By teaming up with technology and product design firm Cambridge Design Partnership (CDP).  Avon’s research and development team were able to gain a new perspective on how users were actually interacting with the product in the privacy of their own homes.

CDP’s diialog technology was incorporated into the dispenser without impacting the users’ experience or behaviour.  The results of the trial revealed that users were able to successfully follow the regimen of rotating the dispenser each week - there were very few cases of triallists forgetting which end of the device to use.

 “We are incredibly proud of ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects – the world’s first rotational anti-ageing night cream,” said Paul Davies, Executive Director of Global Skincare R&D at Avon Cosmetics. “CDP’s diialog technology helped us confirm that we designed the product to be intuitive and easy to use for our customers, to help them stick to the regime long term. The unique insights from the diialog trial will help us continue to innovate and offer high-performance, high-quality, great-value products that meet the needs of consumers worldwide as well as make our six million representatives proud to sell.”

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Avon Timeline
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