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Eve Duet: Avon’s first ever dual-sided fragrance

Dec 6, 2017

Hollywood Actress Eva Mendes is the face of Avon’s first ever dual-sided fragrance – Eve Duet – which enables women to create endless fragrance combinations. 

Tapping into one of the most prominent current fragrance trends - mixing and layering fragrances - Avon Eve Duet is the perfect pair of contrasting perfumes.  Comprising two scents: one, a sparkling and vibrant floral fruity scent, the other, a captivating sensual floral scent, Eve Duet’s innovative packaging means women can wear each scent individually or mix them together creating the fragrance that’s just right for them.

Co-created with International Flavours and Fragrance’s master perfumer Jean-Marc Chaillon, this fragrance celebrates women’s contrasts and contradictions and shows that women are more than just one dimensional, offering the opportunity to mix the two perfumes to create an infinite number of empowering scent combinations. One half of this unique fragrance is Sensual, which boasts indulgent notes of Pink Peppercorn, Night Blooming Jasmine, Scarlet Rose and Patchouli, whilst the other half, Radiance, offers stimulating notes of Juicy Citrus, Apple, Waterlily and Blonde Woods. The perfumes can also be worn independently for a statement scent.  “Partnering with Avon and given the company’s deep respect and knowledge of their consumers, we have come together to create something uniquely beautiful,” notes Jean-Marc Chaillon.

Eva Mendes comments, “It’s really an honour to collaborate with a company that has understood and respected women for so many years. I love being creative and experimenting with different looks based on my mood, so being able to also express myself freely and celebrate my individuality through a perfume is fun. Scents play a big role in my life and I love trying with different combinations of Sensual and Radiant to reflect my different moods.”

Rebecca Pollard, Eve Brand Marketing Director at Avon says, “We couldn’t be more delighted to have Eva as the face of Eve Duet, as she embodies everything Avon stands for. We are very proud of partnering with such a talented, inspiring woman to represent our most innovative fragrance so far.”

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