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Avon to share innovative research methodology at London anti-ageing conference

Jun 6, 2018

Today (Wednesday 6 June), Lisa DiNatale, senior manager, clinical efficacy and sensory evaluation at the Avon Innovation Centre will be sharing Avon’s breakthrough approach to testing the efficacy of skincare products at the Anti-Ageing Skincare Conference in London.

At this international forum for in-depth discussions on the scientific, regulatory and marketing issues affecting the anti-ageing skincare sector, Lisa will speak alongside experts from organisations including L’Oréal, Proctor and Gamble and the University of Sydney.

She’ll share the methodology for how Avon tested its latest skincare breakthrough, ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream: the world’s first rotational skincare product.  A year-long study – almost unheard of in the beauty industry - proved that rotating the two formulae provided results better than using retinol alone and those results didn’t stall even over a whole year*.

Lisa, an expert in clinical efficacy, is excited to share more about the innovative research method adopted to test this game-changing new product.  “The women in our trial used the product on half of their face for the entire year.  This was to make sure seasonal changes didn’t have an impact,” she explains. "The results were impressive, even though the women aged a year during the study, we saw a significant, visible improvement month to month.  One women told us how she changed the parting in her hair because she noticed such a difference in the side of her face where she was using the product she wanted to cover up the untreated side!”

Presenting with Lisa is Dr Bayat from the University of Manchester who partnered with Avon on this clinical study.


*Based on a six month clinical study of 116 women which used computerized image analysis


Innovation is at the heart of our beauty business. You can read more about Avon’s Innovation Centre, and the experts behind it, here.

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