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Meet Hülya: proud to be a working woman

Apr 12, 2018

“I am proud to be a working woman,” says Hülya Vardar who joined Avon 41 years ago in Germany while she was studying for an office management qualification.

Now living back in her native Turkey she said she became a Representative intially to access the products she loved and trusted easily.  As a beauty enthusiast she talked about the products to her friends and family and they started to ask if they could order products.  “My orders started to grow,” she explains.  “I started to win awards and with my first earnings bought my son orthopedic boots and now I have a whole team – I coach them, encourage and support them to earn and grow their businesses too.”

“The hours I work are up to me so I manage it around my family but most importantly, I’ve developed myself.  I left living within just four walls and got to know people from all walks of life.  I have become an open-minded, understanding, confident person who can motivate others. 

“Alongside my favourite hobbies of cooking, gardening, eating out and going on holiday, leading my team keeps me young and healthy.”

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