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Retinol and rotational technology: delivering the results women want

Oct 16, 2017

By Anthony D. Gonzalez

Retinol has been around for decades and is considered by dermatologists to be a gold standard, over-the-counter solution for anti-aging results – in 1986, Avon introduced Bioadvance, a first to the mass market to provide stable pure retinol to help optimize the product’s ability to deliver anti-aging benefits. In recent years, there have been many advances in the anti-aging industry, including improved delivery of retinol. Despite all this progress, it has become progressively more challenging to deliver benefits above and beyond the current state of technology.

Women who use these products seem to be aware of this as well. For example, an internal study revealed to us that up to 78% of women worldwide believe that their skincare stops working after a certain time. As scientists, we asked ourselves “why is this?”, embarking on a thorough investigation of this belief to identify the science behind and deliver one of the most groundbreaking products in the history of skincare.

ANEW timeline infographic Extensive research confirmed that there is scientific truth behind this belief that skin care stops working overtime. Our scientists detected a reduction in the benefits delivered by a multitude of anti-aging approaches; these effects were observed both in vitro and in independent clinical dermatologist supervised studies. The challenge to the team: to deliver a scientific approach to overcome this.

Rotation in diet and/or exercise has been demonstrated to successfully overcome this plateauing effect to deliver greater improvements in athletic performance and health. This phenomenon of adaptation is a common response of the human body to continued exposure to many types of stimuli.  We theorized that, when applying this idea to anti-aging, we could overcome the plateauing effect. And we were correct.

To validate this theory, extensive experimentation was performed in our state-of-the-art Cell Biology lab. Results showed that continued exposure to anti-aging ingredients lead to a slowdown in the production of collagen. This deceleration occurred even with exposure to retinol, the generally accepted gold standard in anti-aging. The team of scientists then created a prescriptive rotational approach that delivers the appropriate combination and level of anti-aging ingredients for the appropriate amount of time to overcome the plateauing effect.  For example, in vitro testing showed that alternating exposure to ingredients caused fibroblasts to produce 100% more collagen as opposed to exposure to retinol alone.

The resulting patent pending technology based on our research consists of a rotation of Phytol and Retinol applied in seven-night intervals.

This is the science behind the ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects formula, specially designed to harness the power of rotation with Phyto+ Complex and SuperRetinol Complex.  How is the product used?  A seven-day application of a formula with Phyto+ Complex prepares and replenishes skin, and is then followed by seven days of SuperRetinol Complex, which visibly repairs aging skin by helping skin cells overcome this plateauing effect.

To confirm effectiveness, we tested this product on more than 3,000 women during its development, including a year-long clinical study that showed results improving month after month up to a full year. Clinical testing also showed that the rotational approach of Infinite Effects was able to outperform the use of retinol alone. Results confirm that this innovative approach to break the technology barrier delivers the results that women want.

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