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Avon Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month Around the World

Check out the work Avon is doing around the world to fight breast cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Nov 2, 2016


Turkey's Pink Hair Movement, participants shared photos of themselves with pink hair and the hashtag #kafayataktik (we put it on our heads) to raise awareness and money for ending breast cancer. For each post, a donation was made to the Turkish Cancer Association. The campaign broke records with 80,000 shares and 229 million impressions and has become the country's new symbol for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Watch Turkey's campaign video.



Germany held its annual Avon Walk & Run Against Breast Cancer in Munich on October 2. The event, which attracted around 2,000 people, including those running, walking and cheering, raised more than 23,000 Euros for the Bavarian Cancer Society.



Greece's annual Avon Race for the Cure drew 30,000 enthusiastic attendees who joined together to show their support and contribute to the fight against breast cancer.



Egypt's Pink Warriors campaign highlighted female athletes who are strong and powerful in a country where sport is considered primarily for men. In partnership with Egypt's first American female football team, the Pink Warriors, the campaign's mission is to empower women and affect change.



This year, Brazil broke its breast cancer awareness month record with 94,000 visitors attending its annual pink ferris wheel, Giro Pela Vida (A Spin for Life) event in just six days. During the country's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they promoted the campaign "Together to have fun, Together to take care of each other." 220,000 people across the country were involved in some part of the movement, whether they were one of the 460 who received mammograms, in the audience of 45,000 at the open air movie, or part of the walking mobs which attracted more than 140,000 people.



Croatia held its breast cancer donation event at the "Everything for Her! Center" in Zagreb. Avon donates to this center, which provides patients and their families with psychological support and a free place to stay when they seek treatment. Avon has had two sponsored rooms in the center since it opened. This year, the campaign focused again on the importance of these rooms which help with the financial struggles patients face when they are simultaneously fighting Breast Cancer.


South Africa

The South African market broke the breast cancer walk world record with 29,123 walkers at this year's 11th annual Avon Justine iThemba Walkathon.



Through the "Label Yourself" campaign in Argentina, all new Body Illusions bras come complete with a label to remind wearers how to prevent breast cancer, from information on self-exams to reminders about mammograms. Argentina also hosted a breast cancer walk in Buenos Aires. The race was filled to capacity with 10,000 participants. Watch the walk video.


United States

This year, the U.S. held Avon 39 walks in 7 cities around the country. In each walk, participants walked 39 miles, over 2 days to crush breast cancer. Collectively, more than 12,000 heroic 39ers came together and walked over 490,000 miles, raising more than $30 million to help to prevent, treat and ultimately eradicate breast cancer.



Avon Chile celebrated 20 years of supporting breast cancer awareness, with a record 8,000 attendees at their walk event. Watch the video.



Russia focused on the bond between mothers and their children through their #Don'tWaitDrive, which encouraged children to remind their mothers to go for mammograms. View their walk video.



Avon Italy held two Avon Running events during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The events, held in Milan and Bari, promoted awareness of breast cancer prevention and raised money. Local organizations invited women, supported by their doctors, to receive a free breast exam during the events.



This year, Bulgaria focused on the importance of supporting women who are battling breast cancer through their new "hugging campaign." Through hugging hashtags and a social media movement, they created the largest virtual hug in Bulgaria, reaching nearly 250,000 people. The hugging and fundraising continued at the Breast Cancer walk in June, which attracted 1,500 people, including some of the country's most popular singers, actors, athletes and public figures. Avon Bulgaria also offered 600 free breast cancer check-ups in October.



To raise awareness around Breast Cancer Month, India created a #PinkPoutSelfie campaign. Through the campaign, the community was encouraged to post selfies pouting with a pink lipstick while also sharing messaging and facts about the fight against Breast Cancer. In total, #PinkPoutSelfie made more than 1.5 million impressions.



Colombia's breast cancer walk/run was held in Medellín and brought nearly 7,000 participants. The event raised over $40,000 that was donated to breast cancer foundations in Colombia.



To mark Avon's 130th anniversary, Avon Philippines launched a mission to take 130 million steps to fight breast cancer. Around the country, people downloaded the Avon 130 Million Steps pedometer app and shared their daily step achievement on Facebook, creating more awareness of breast cancer. Participation surpassed the goal and on October 31, 154 million steps had been taken in the app, each starting a conversation, reminding friends and family to do regular breast exams and letting patients and survivors know they are not alone in the fight. Watch the video.



Although Romania is not the European country with the highest incidence of breast cancer, it has the largest number of deaths. After learning this painful truth, Avon Romania decided to focus on early detection, putting women face to face with the excuses they find, and encouraging them to say #cancelcancer. They hosted 10 pink walks around the country where each participant was given a free medical exam. They concluded their activities with a concert raising 15,000 Euros for an organization that fights breast cancer.


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