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Introducing Patrick Dempsey Unscripted Exclusively from Avon

Follow Your Passion

Nov 1, 2008

Despite worldwide popularity and acclaim for his roles on-screen, Patrick Dempsey’s life is anything but scripted. His new venture with Avon offers a rare glimpse into the exciting, yet down-to-earth personal life of one of America’s biggest stars. Introducing Patrick Dempsey Unscripted, a new fragrance exclusively from Avon.

Playing a pivotal role in the development of Unscripted, Patrick was intimately involved with the concept, name, package and olfactive notes.  The end result is a true reflection of the man behind the fragrance.

“Collaborating with Avon to create Unscripted has been such an exciting journey for me,” says Dempsey.

Unscripted is about following your passions and not letting life be defined by rules. It’s the time spent being yourself and creating memories. Unscripted embodies Patrick’s core philosophy – follow your passion. 

Distinctive and modern, Unscripted is for the man who lives by his own definitions.  He is self-assured, sexy and stylish without even trying.  His life is unexpected, but all the more interesting because of it.

Unscripted is a Woody Green fragrance that expresses the freedom of the open road with fresh, aromatic cardamom and invigorating cracked black peppercorn.  At the heart, a sensual mix of fig and crisp lavender enrich the experience with a warm, sophisticated texture.  The drydown reveals an unusual twist - a bold blend of exclusive leatherwood and patchouli heart wrapped in earthy vetiver and rich musk for an authentic, adventurous finish.  

Unscripted is housed in a simple yet iconic bottle.  The packaging contains sharp, classic lines that are both modern and masculine.  The unique colors of the carton, a rich textured gradient with orange accents, convey Patrick’s overall vision – original, unexpected, Unscripted.

Availability:  Patrick Dempsey Unscripted ($32.00, 75ml,) will be available beginning November 2008.

Where to Buy: Available exclusively through Avon Representatives.  To locate an Avon Representative call 1-800-FOR-AVON or visit us on-line at

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