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Avon Wants to Treat Your Feet

Mar 1, 2006

Did you know that a quarter of all the bones in your body can be found in your feet, or that in an average lifetime the number of steps a person takes can equal the distance around the Earth–multiplied by four?  Avon believes your feet deserve special attention.  The company’s popular Footworks brand performs double duty with its two newly-designed collections: Pampering and Therapeutic.  Whether you are looking to beautify your feet or to solve common foot ailments, Footworks is for all walks of life.

WHAT IT IS: Footworks Pampering provides a quartet of pedicure treatments that smooth and soften.  Footworks Therapeutic heals problem spots and keeps feet healthy.  Products include:


  • Conditioning Foot Soak—Cleanses and revitalizes aching feet while softening calluses.  The Conditioning Foot Soak contains glycerin to moisturize, deodorize and condition your feet. ($3.99)
  • Sloughing Cream—Sloughs away calluses and dry, rough patches.  The scrub contains pumice to act as a natural exfoliant to soften and renew your feet. ($2.99)
  • Deep Moisture Cream—Provides 24-hour moisturization and foot odor protection.  When used regularly, the moisture cream helps prevent build-up of rough, hard skin. ($2.99)
  • AHA Renewing Treatment—Resurfaces hard parched feet and evens out skin tone.  Contains a unique, powerful AHA Smoothing Complex and Vitamin A to normalize and correct the skin cell renewal process. ($5.99)
         Double Action Foot File—Double sided file leaves your feet feeling soft and beautiful. ($2.99)


  • Anti-Fungal Cream—Alleviates, treats and prevents the burning and itching associated with Athlete’s Foot. ($5.99)
         Therapeutic Corn & Callus Remover
    —Removes and soothes the pain of corns and calluses.
         Therapeutic Cracked Heel Relief Cream—Relieves excessively dry, cracked heels and locks in
         moisture to help return your heels to a healthy condition. ($4.99)
  • Intensive Callus Cream—Smoothes stubborn calluses. Patent pending formula contains 10% glycolic acid, which exfoliates and softens dry skin. ($4.99)
  • Anti-fungal Foot Spray—Alleviates itching, burning and odor. Clinically proven to treat and help prevent Athlete’s Foot.  ($6.99)
  • Deodorizing Powder—Eliminates odors and instantly absorbs and controls dampness.  The product contains a patented deodorizing powder that keeps feet and footwear fresh and comfortable. ($3.99)

Where to Buy Footworks: Beginning March 2006, Avon Footworks products will be available exclusively through approximately 500,000 Avon Representatives nationwide, by calling 1-800-FOR-AVON, or online at

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