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Avon Conducts Worldwide Dialogue With 20,000 Women in 22 Countries

2005 Avon Global Women's Survey Polls Women on Some Hot Topic Beauty Questions That Result in Some Surprising Answers

Sep 20, 2005

Avon recently conducted a "global dialogue" which queried women on their opinions on the topics of self- indulgence, physical appearance and skincare. A common theme among the respondents of the Avon 2005 Global Women's Survey was the importance women put on finding ways to stay young and healthy.

"As the company for women, this global dialog is important to us as we continually work to identify key insights about women's beauty needs and attitudes," said Debbie Eisser, Vice President, Global Marketing Research for Avon. "While there are some interesting differences by geography and age, this fourth bi-annual survey reveals once again that women are overwhelmingly united in their views on beauty."

The survey participants were asked to share their opinions on the three topics and some of the findings were surprising. 80% of women ages 15-24 say they are already experiencing signs of aging! And more than half of women say the first thing they would do when signs of aging emerge would be to reach for an appropriate facial skin care product, preferably one that contains both natural herbs and medicinal plants, and modern science's most advanced ingredients. Respondents also reported that while appearance is important, cosmetic surgery is not a consideration for most women.

Following are more detailed findings of the 2005 Avon Global Women's Survey.

Self-Indulgence - What do I do just for me?

Shopping is cited as women's favorite indulgence with 42% of women around the world saying that when they want to do something special for themselves, they buy clothes! Other popular indulgences are having their hair done (30%), eating out (23%), and buying make-up (23%). While the popularity of individual indulgences varies by region, buying clothes is the most popular indulgence in all regions except Eastern/Central Europe, where buying make-up and eating sweets is more popular.

In terms of age groups and regions the frequency with which "women indulge" does vary. Women in Western Europe and Latin/South/Central America are the most likely to indulge frequently - 60% and 57% respectively do so at least once a week. By age, younger women aged 15-24 are the most likely to frequently do something special for themselves - 61% do so at least once a week.

Physical Appearance/Aging - "Fountain of Youth Options"

Appearance is important, but despite the importance placed on it, the majority of women prefer healthier alternatives to protect how they look with 93% of women globally saying they put some effort into improving their overall appearance. The top things women are currently doing to improve their physical appearance are: eating healthy (51%), drinking plenty of water (49%), exercising (38%), following a facial skin care routine (38%), and getting plenty of sleep! (36%)

Where do women look the best for their age? Japan at 11% with both the US and France tied at 10% and Brazil at 9%. Regionally, women were perceived to age best in Asia-Pacific (31%) and Western Europe (30%).

What do women do when they notice the first signs of aging? More than half of women globally stated that if they were to notice a new sign of aging on their face they would opt to try a facial product that promised to address it. In the US, 71% of women prefer a fusion of natural and scientifically advanced ingredients in their facial skin care products to help them fight the signs of aging.


Wrinkles and fine lines are still the most common signs of aging, with 48% of women saying they have started to notice them. For most women (57%), the first place they experience the first sign of aging is around their eyes; this is the most common first sign for women of all regions and ages.

Most remarkable is the fact that much younger women, ages 15-24 say they are already acknowledging signs of aging! The top sign of aging these young women are reporting are dry, flaky, chapped skin at 30%, followed by sunken under-eyes at 22%.

What do women look for in their skincare products? 78% of women say they wish anti-aging products were made with more natural ingredients. However, when given a choice, six-in-ten women (61%) would prefer their facial skin care products to contain both natural herbs and medicinal plants, and modern science's most advanced ingredients.

Although awareness of cosmetic procedures is fairly high it is not the first course of action in the "race against time" and skin care. Globally, 95 % of women say that they have not had any cosmetic surgery - the main reasons for not having surgery are: the high cost (42%), a lack of interest (35%), and concerns about the risks involved (28%).

The Avon Global Women's Survey is conducted bi-annually to gather information on women's interests, issues and opinions. For further findings from the 2005 Avon Global Women's Survey, please contact Andra Mielnicki, at 212-282-5672 or Dolores Machuca-Ruiz Avon Public Relations at 212-282-5837.


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