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Avon "Reinstates" Original Little Dot Perfumes

A Trio of Fragrances Celebrating the Company's 125th Anniversary

Sep 1, 2011

The Concept: Avon’s first-ever fragrances, reinterpreted for the modern era.
The Inspiration:
Avon celebrates a heritage of perfumery and more than a century of empowering women by modernizing the brand’s first-ever product: Little Dot Fragrance Set. Featuring three fragrances, the set honors 125 years of fragrance expertise with timeless floral essences—Hyacinth, Rose, and Violet—reinvented for the modern era. The collectible set is a sophisticated way to experience an iconic Avon classic with a contemporary twist.
The History: 125 years ago, Avon founder, David H. McConnell offered women a “Little Dot” gift set of floral essences as a gift with purchase to encourage women to buy his books. Realizing that his perfumes were more popular than his books, he recognized the opportunity to create a brand-new business in fragrances & toiletries that sold toiletries directly to customers, and launched the brand that would become Avon. Today Avon commemorates a legacy of creating of-the-moment scents with a reinterpreted version of the original Little Dot set.

The Fragrances:

  • Hyacinth The elegant Hyacinth captures you with its fragrant green floral scent.  A classic throughout perfumery history the springtime blossoms of the Hyacinth illuminate an optimistic outlook to the future. These fragrant bell-shaped flowers are as timeless and iconic as the rose and violet. Its bright green floralcy effortlessly carries itself through the air, creating an essence of optimism for the future. The soft elegance leaves a memorable trail.
  • Rose This modern rose takes a sheer and gentle approach to the most iconic of flowers.  A timeless symbol of feminine beauty and romance, roses lie at the heart of perfumery’s noble heritage. Complex and faceted, the iconic scent of the rose is recognized as one of the most valued elements in the perfumery palette. The rose blend created exclusively for Avon’s 125th Anniversary is sheer, delicate, crisp, and fruity. It has a vibrant freshness that makes this classic ingredient easy to wear. Your skin is embraced in the poetic blend of soft woods and vanilla.

  • Violet Everything old is new again, and this perfume evokes the best of days gone by with a scent that is woody, soft and warm. This reinvention of the modern violet is symbolic of today’s modern woman. This exclusive blend of leaves, petals and violet woods envelop the skin with velvety luxurious texture.  Soft and powdery, this violet blend has a comforting quality that smells modern, elegant, and utterly beautiful.

Available exclusively through Avon Representatives. To locate an Avon Representative,
call 1-800-FOR-AVON or visit

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