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Avon's Distribution Centers in Colombia and Brazil Receive LEED® Gold Certification, Guided by Company's Green Building Promise

NEW YORK - August 30, 2011 - Avon's two new distribution centers in Latin America have both achieved high-level environmental certification as part of the Avon Green Building Promise, joining previously certified "green" Avon facilities in Northampton, the U.K. and Zanesville, Ohio.

Gold for Avon's "Ecobranch"
In Medellin, Colombia, Avon's new distribution center, dubbed the “Ecobranch” for its comprehensive environmental design, has been awarded a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Gold certification, making Avon the first company to receive Gold certification in Colombia. LEED® is a green-building design and construction rating system, established by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and verified by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), that is used worldwide to guide environmentally sound building practices.

First LEED® Gold in Colombia
Avon’s Ecobranch is the first building of any kind in Colombia to achieve a LEED® Gold certification. Ecobranch earned LEED® certification for criteria such as energy reduction, strategic use of fewer and more sustainable materials, lighting and day-lighting optimization, and water savings.

More Gold ...
Along with Avon's Ecobranch, the company's largest distribution facility, which is located in Cabreuva, Brazil, has also received LEED® Gold certification. Avon's facility in Cabreuva is the biggest LEED® certified distribution center in Brazil. Avon is also the only direct-selling company to have  LEED® Gold certification in the country.  The distribution center earned LEED® certification for important features such as energy reduction, strategic use of fewer and more sustainable materials, lighting and day-lighting optimization, and water savings.

Avon's distribution centers now rank among the most energy-efficient distribution centers in their respective countries, and are the latest Avon facilities to achieve official green certification.

Avon Green Building Promise
Avon strongly supports sustainable building practices as guided by the Avon Green Building Promise, part of the company’s overall Hello Green Tomorrow environmental commitment. The Green Building Promise outlines tangible metrics, goals and policies to mitigate and reduce the environmental impacts of Avon buildings worldwide. It includes a commitment that all significant new and retrofitted buildings be constructed to green certification standards.

“Avon is committed to sustainability across our business enterprise, and our Green Building Promise ensures that we work to minimize the impact of our buildings,” stated Louise Matthews, Vice President, Global Real Estate. “We are especially proud to receive the first Gold certification in Colombia, which is a testament to the hard work of the teams involved.  Avon is committed to green standards for all new and significant retrofit projects, and we hope this will serve as an inspiration to other companies in Latin America and around the globe.”



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