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Avon Partners with Catalyst for CEO Champions for Change

May 18, 2017

Launched on March 8, 2017, to celebrate International Women’s Day, Avon joined 44 other companies as part of Catalyst’s CEO Champions for Change initiative. Catalyst is a leading global nonprofit organization, which has been a pioneering thought leader for more than 50 years, working to advance diversity, inclusion and gender equality at work.

To accelerate this mission Catalyst created the Catalyst CEO Champions For Change, an initiative that brings together more than 40 global CEOs and senior leaders who are visibly supportive of diversity and inclusion by driving it in their organizations. The founding companies of Catalyst Champions For Change represent more than 9 million employees and more than $1.5 trillion dollars in revenue globally.

Avon was proud to have been chosen as a founding partner of this initiative.

Together with Catalyst and other global companies, Avon is affirming our support for accelerating diversity, inclusion, and gender equality within our organization. We have made strong organizational commitments and Sheri McCoy, who is on the Board of Catalyst, has made personal commitments to forward this movement, including advancing the representation of women and women from a diversity of backgrounds in senior level positions.

“Avon has been recognized over the years by leading organizations for both our female leadership within the organization and on Avon’s Board of Directors” said McCoy. “I’m proud to work with Catalyst as part of the CEO Champions for Change to ensure that we continue to enhance diversity and inclusion within our company.”

To learn more about how Catalyst is changing workplaces and changing lives every single day, visit

You can find a list of the additional founding companies and read the full pledge at

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