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Meet Glen: the maestro of make-up innovation

Mar 28, 2018

Glen Anderson is Executive Director of Innovation, Global Research & Development at the Avon Innovation Centre in Suffern.  He uses his passion for science and world-class expertise to develop Avon’s newest product concepts and innovations. 

A doctor of synthetic organic chemistry, Glen explains that the global nature of Avon keeps the product development process challenging.  “The fact that we sell products in so many different and diverse countries makes it quite hard to develop a single product that meets the needs of everyone. But at the same time it’s fascinating to work with associates from so many different markets as you learn so much about the world and different countries and cultures.”

Glen explains that while Avon drives it’s innovation by staying close to consumer and beauty trends, his inspiration often comes from other industries.  “I often take inspiration from the art world. Many of the trends and techniques that originate there migrate to beauty, and the technical approach that is used in the art world can offer insight into how we can approach it in the cosmetic world,” he said. 

Glen and his team led the development of mark. Epic Lip which has been garnering attention from the world’s media – including The Daily Mail, The Sun, LOOK and Vanity Fair - as it’s introduced around the globe.  “Our mark. Epic Intense Lipstick contains a built-in primer to help deliver one intense swipe colour.  The ability to use these as a base or a top coat, similar to the art world, is what enables the consumer to completely transform the look that she can achieve.”

Read more about Glen and his life in the lab here.

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