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Nov 15, 2007
Unique Collaborative Meeting Includes Leading Scientists Investigating Pregnancy and Breast Cancer Prevention

Eighteen scientists investigating novel means for primary prevention of breast cancer by studying the natural impact of pregnancy on breast tissue met at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston on...

Nov 13, 2007
Groundbreaking Meeting Brings Together Cancer Funding Organizations, Advocates, Government Agencies, and Scientists from Academic Institutions and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Leadership and senior staff of twenty- seven breast cancer funding organizations and advocacy groups met on November 1-2 along with experts from government agencies, scientists from academic...

Aug 1, 2007

Avon Products, Inc. (NYSE: AVP) today announced that it has signed world-renowned, Oscar-winning actress, Reese Witherspoon, as the company's first ever...

Mar 7, 2007
Panel of Judges to Include Suze Orman, Personal Finance Expert Hello Tomorrow Fund Programs also Launching Worldwide

In celebration of International Women's Day, Avon Products, Inc., a leading supporter of women's issues, announces a unique new initiative that will empower women and change our world: the Avon...

Mar 7, 2007
Summit at United Nations Will Give Voice to Critical Women's Issues Worldwide

The Virtue Foundation and Avon Products, Inc. announce The Global Summit for a Better Tomorrow, co-sponsored by UNICEF, UNIFEM, and UN-DESA. The Global Summit for a Better Tomorrow is a call to...

Mar 7, 2007
Key Findings Include: Developing Countries Very Optimistic with Future Women Least Satisfied on Prospects from Education and Career Women Optimistic that a Woman Will Lead their Nation in 10 Years

Avon Products, Inc. today released findings from its 2007 Avon Worldwide Women's Poll at the United Nations. During the inaugural Global Summit for a Better Tomorrow, presented by the Virtue...

Mar 7, 2007
Commemorating 150 years of Women's Progress in the World, and Celebrating Hope for the Future

Avon Products, Inc. announces its campaign to commemorate International Women's Day, a holiday with roots tracing back 150 years. In honor of the great strides women have made, and with the hope...

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