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Proud of what we represent

Nov 27, 2017

With a community of nearly 6 million Representatives, Avon’s community is one of strongest working sisterhoods of our time.  From a mother seeking flexible working to an ambitious student looking to support herself, the Avon Representative community is truly representative of women from all walks of life.  Each and every Representative can establish and run their own business in their own way, built around their individual lifestyles and life stages, careers and ambitions.

Franz Tolentino, Philippines

Franz, a breast cancer survivor, was inspired to join Avon when she experienced how the company gave support to women with breast cancer. She was attending a support group session hosted by Avon at the Breast Care Center which Avon had helped establish through a fundraising campaign in 2002. This prompted her to sign up as an Avon Representative.

"I thought breast cancer was the end of all my dreams. Avon helped make me realize that it was just the beginning of a beautiful tomorrow for me and my family."

Rabiya Badem, Turkey

One of Avon Turkey's most successful independent sales leaders, Rabiya wanted to show everyone that women in Turkey could also be successful without an education. When her family's home and husband's business was damaged by an earthquake, she decided to join Avon to help support her family through a hard patch.

"I knew nothing when I first started with Avon. I had never seen a make-up product in my life before. After the first campaign, I told my husband, "From now on, I am paying the bills of this home. I look at my old pictures and cannot believe it. My life changed, perspective changed. Avon didn't care what I wore or whether I had a diploma, they just saw my desire and talent. They trusted me. I followed the path they advised me and I got my own business."

Romina Cayún, Argentina

Romina wanted her own income but struggled without previous work experience. Her mum had been an Avon Representative since she was born so she grew up with brochures and realized that she could turn her passion for beauty products into earnings.

"I realized I might not have much work experience but I was already an expert in beauty products! So I decided to become an Avon Representative. Today, I'm studying law and thanks to the sales I achieve, I have the money to buy my books. I'm a representative of independence."


Avon Representatives are achieving success on their own terms around the world. Meet a few more of the six million strong sisterhood inspiring a more beautiful world through business, beauty and wellbeing here.

Avon Timeline

Avon Timeline
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