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Avon UK uses nail polish to help end violence against women and girls

Sep 5, 2018

Avon UK’s latest commitment to help end violence against women and girls means that for every purchase of True Colour Pro+ Nail Enamel in Arctic Steel, the profits will be donated to important women’s charities - Refuge and Women’s Aid.

One in four women will experience domestic violence in the UK.  There are domestic violence related 999 calls every 30 seconds and 800,000 children will witness and experience domestic violence every year in the UK.

That’s why together with its partners, Avon UK aims to start a conversation that can change lives by providing its unique network of Representatives with the necessary information and signposting to the right support.  It’s about opening up the conversation and making beauty a safe space for victims and making sure someone suffering can reach out.

Matthieu Comard, General Manager of Avon UK says: “Avon has proudly stood by its promise to end violence against women and girls for a decade and in the UK we work closely with Refuge and Women’s Aid to ensure women are equipped with the knowledge and support to recognise violence or abuse.

“As an industry, beauty can offer a safe space to talk more openly, but it is important we encourage women to have this conversation in the right way, in the right place, at the right time with somebody that they trust.

“The power of conversation can help save lives when directed to the right support, such as charities like Women’s Aid and Refuge, and we hope that by purchasing the nail wear more women will realise they can make a difference.”

The campaign launched with an event at WAH nails in London in August. 

Find out more about Avon’s Promise to help end violence against women and girls here.

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