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Introducing game-changing sales kits for new UK Representatives

Sep 13, 2018

Avon UK is already seeing outstanding results from their new Representative Starter Kits, which launched in mid-August. In just eight days, nearly 3,000 Representatives, and 930 Sales Leaders ordered the kits, designed to help them jump-start their new Avon businesses.

These new Representative Starter Kits replace the old appointment fee, giving beauty entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed in their new businesses from day one.

What’s in the new Starter Kits?

With four tiers and prices, new Representatives can choose the one that best suits their business ambitions and budget.

The Pro Kit is for Representatives who want to really invest in their new business, and perhaps become one of the UK’s top selling Representatives with President’s Club membership, or even become a Sales Leader and build their own team. This kit is worth over £500 but costs just £165. It’s full of 53 products, and 75 samples for her to try herself, and demonstrate to potential customers.

The Advanced Kit costs £90, and includes 30 products and 75 samples, worth over £270. The Essentials Kit costs just £30, with contents worth over £90. Finally, Representatives who don’t wish to order a product kit can select the Start-Up Kit, which contains sales tools and brochures, for just £15.

Representative can also order a selection of sales tools, along with brochures and a First Look magazine, all included in the cost of their kit.

Each kit is beautifully packaged, and sent via Express delivery, so the new recruit doesn’t have long to wait for her beauty goodies.

Referring to the thousands of new recruits that are already benefitting from the Starter Kits, Matthieu Comard, Group Vice President, Western Europe, says “Our aim is to build on this number and ensure more and more of our Reps and Sales Leaders are ordering the kits to invest in their future – I’m excited to see the impact they have on our business!”

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